Monday, July 6, 2015

Banepost.c: Easy Baneposting for the Linux Enthusiast

Have you ever been browsing your favorite online forum or social media website, when suddenly, you see the perfect opportunity to make a reference to your absolute favorite meme? 

Have you ever proceeded to throw your hands up in anguish when you suddenly realized that, nowhere in your extensive collection of images, copypasta, and everything in between, could you find that one, perfect ASCII banepost that would have made the perfect reply? 

Well then I've got the perfect software for you. 
I've tried countless other programs, but none of them flied so well, and some of them even crashed my computer, with no survivors! 

Ultimately, I became so distraught by the lack of free, open source software to solve this problem that I decided to create my own implementation of everyone's favorite Big Guy, Banepost.c, which I guarantee is better than any competing version (at least it can talk). 

It didn't matter who I was, what mattered was my plan, and that was to start a fire in the open source copypasta community that would not only tell you about Bane, but also why he wore the mask. If this were some grand crime, then getting caught is most certainly a part of my plan, and I wasn't alone in this effort. 

There are many eager young developers in the OSS with a fire in their hearts which rises as they find themselves Completely In Agreement with this effort, and that will undoubtedly lead them to create their own, high quality copypasta generating software.